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Yes, it does happen. Shameless Self promotion time!

Maine folks, and nearby New England folks, especially those connected with various genre fandoms ... AK Cyrway, Patrick Shawn Bagley, Friends of Liad, NESFA, PortConMaine, Gibran Vogue Graham, Cirque du Geek, not to mention folks associated with the media .... ( Katy England hint hint, do you still have connections?, Dave Isaac got anyone you know in the literary community or a connection to the BDN or other papers for interviews? hey, Maine Writers and Publishers), heads up!

Your friendly local authors of the Liaden Universe(R) are set for a Meet and Greet-style signing at Barnes & Noble in Augusta come May 13, from 1 PM to 3 PM. Sounds good, right?

But hey, a perusal of the calendar reveals that Sunday, May 14 happens to be Mother's Day. We'd love to have a great turnout of SF fans in general and Liaden fans in particular for our event in the state capital's biggest bookstore and there's some concern that Mother's Day shopping may make it hard for folks to find out (or remember) our event.

If you can help get the word out about this, we appreciate it; if you can come on by, that'd be good, too. Could be some photo ops for you digital camera whiz-types.... If you know someone who'd be interested, please do share.

Here's the B&N link for you to share with friends, []

If you happen to tell someone and they want to connect for a podcast, an interview, or for additional meet-the-author opportunities, you've got plenty of time to reach us.

Thanks In Advance, from both of us.
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Went to the cardio gym, where our particular group of seekers has been nick-named The After Lunch Bunch, since we meet after noon. All of us are there by cardiologist's prescription after experiencing dangerous heart symptoms of one kind or another.

Part of our regular business is to work out on two machines while connected with the radio monitor to watch heart rate and have periodic blood pressure measurements, 20 to 25 minutes or so on each machine. Some days, while we workout, we watch educational DVDs on a large projection screen.

I usually start with one of the several treadmills and move to the bike, others reverse this or work on other machines -- there are six or eight types. After that we (who can) work out for about ten minutes with hand weights.

The process can get stale, but today was great. I've ummm... earned .. .a reputation as a music curmudgeon because of my lack of appreciation for silly country pablum served up by one of the local radio stations -- and today one of the staff was switching stations around and I pointed out that at least I recognized Credence and could listen to it since there were no bouncy chicks being seduced in a pick-up in the song. That station, however, was hard to pull in, so the staffer shut the radio down and started for the big screen projection doohickey they won't let me play with.

Lo and behold, today NOT being on the schedule for a playing of "Cholesterol, Threat Or Menace From Beyond?" DVD, the staffer went to the projection device and flipped a switch, whereupon a google search screen was projected, and in about 30 second we had Credence Clearwater Revival on the screen, courtesy of YouTube. Not only that, but the staffer turned up the volume ....

Credence being done the question came "Requests?" I don't think I'd even heard there was a Justin Timberlake video of silly people dancing, but there is, and one of our number requested it. They tried to find me some JJ Cale, but most of his work was too subtle with the exercise machines going, but then one of my age-mates (some of us are much younger than others) suggested Prince, which choice I seconded .... and boy did today's exercise session go fast. Not only that, but we all got through the day's exercise in upbeat and smiling mood.

So, music. That's the trick, music can make the savage heart beat better.
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Most of this post is also over on my Facebook wall, most, but not all. Eventually I hope to get back to a double stream of Steve-stuff, with this having more blog-like entries, We'll see how that goes, yes we will.

So,today the BP *is* up somewhat, and that's a good thing.

Mixed clouds this morning, but we're promised thunderstorms at 3:30. Fingers crossed for enough to enjoy and not enough to bug the cat-kids.

I've already got dinner in the crockpot after a traditional Lee & Miller Easter breakfast of egg rolls and fresh fruit, with coffee.

Sharon's already got the contracts we signed yesterday in a packet; so yeah, that's yes for that 3-book offer Locus wrote about.

I kept busy yesterday -- the 89th birthday of my father. He died almost a dozen years ago and I still miss his Easter (and other holiday) calls -- when he'd tell me about the state of the surf and bikinis a block or two away from his year-round first floor rooms in a modest neighborhood of escapee-style retirees.

After dinner today, we've scheduled Scrabble. I do not expect to be all that active on the webz today but will point out that we *did* last night post a never before heard (I finished it yesterday!) reading by me of our first Nick-and-Nora story, A Night at the Opera, on our Patreon page. In due time that story will migrate to Splinter Universe as portion of a Splinter Universe Live offering.

That's some of the news from East Winslow. Have a good one!
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True fact: some of what I post here is not cutting edge news. If you've been a regular reader of my bloggerly writing you've probably noticed that I mix and switch from the author's necessities to just-some-guy talking about his day ...

Today, the just-some-guy is an author, so here:

Free read, a short story, at Baen.

Also, I'll be going over some of the posts salvaged from Live Journal and brought here to see if I can distill enough from them to form a basis for a chapbook from Pinbeam books.

Meanwhile, the weekend will include some reading (and recording), and, I hope, some posting, of one of our stories, over at Patreon. I'll have to push, but I still have more than 12 hours, right? Now cross fingers that our neighbors don't start mowing their lawn and cutting down trees again.

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And yes, I'm reorganizing my mornings.

So far this week I've managed to be at coffee by 8:00 AM two days out of three.
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In the last week I've discovered that not everyone knows about our Splinter Universe website. Here's a link to a February page over there. You'll find a few voice files, pdfs, stories, splinters, and more over there ...
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I've been playing behind the scenes in a bunch of internet things today; eventually I'll be back up to speed on the Word Press stuff and on Dreamwidth as well. In the meanwhile, feel free to remind me if too many days go between posts here.


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Sharon followed up on a small tweetstorm I unleashed yesterday by breaking upcoming Lee & Miller things into categories....and we're both sure that we've missed something, so if something else happens, well, don't be too surprised.

I'll borrow that:

Upcoming Appearances
May 1: Ask Me Anything, Reddit, starting 12 noon
May 13: Meet ‘n Greet and book signing, Barnes and Noble, at 9 Market Place Drive, Augusta, Maine, from 1 – 3pm
August 4-6: Confluence, in Pittsburgh, Lee and Miller will be writer Guests of Honor
March 9-11, 2018: MidSouthCon, in Memphis, Lee and Miller, writer Guests of Honor

Upcoming Interviews
April edition of The Intergalactic Medicine Show: Lee and Miller interview, reprint story, and! sample chapter

Upcoming Publications
April 15 +/-: “Cutting Corners,”
May 2: The Gathering Edge, hardcover, ebook, audiobook, Baen & Audible
June 6: “Wise Child,” in Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF, Volume 3, Baen
August: “Dawn’s Early Light,” in All Hail Our Robot Conquerors, Zombies Need Brains
December 15 +/-: Short Story,
January 2, 2018: Neogenesis
TBA: “Excerpts from Two Lives,” in Ships of the Line, Baen
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Have to change some things ... and might as well start with the one that pulls money out of me.

The old credit card is non-functional anyway, and we haven't decided what blogging account should bear the burden of long-range planning, if any, given how often I use FB ( ) and twitter ( ) to stay in touch with folks. .  . and much of what's really going on professionally is also reflected in rhe FB groups Friends of Liad, Clan Korval, and flaran cha'menthi ...
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And a quick note....

still trying to figure out why my LJ has a no-comment as the default. I did get spam-bombed once on the distanrt past...

Meanwhile, the weather for tomorrow is looking possibly very ugly -- up to 10 incehs of heavy snow turning to freezing ran and rain. Yikes ...

Will look at the new features here, RSN.
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Gale force winds here in East Winslow.

Meanwhile, yes, I'm working on it.

If it is late, I'm working on it.

If it was abandoned, yes, I'm working on it.

If it was lost, I'm trying to find it.

Meanwhile -- anyone out there? I'm going to be going over the archives here and i want to see if I should move some of my efforts back here and let the rush-rush/rush, rushrush rush on Facebook get detuned.
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I know a number of you are following my new project ....

Chapter 5 of Quicksliver is posted on and we're awaiting funding before getting Chapter 6 in gear.

I'd appreciate getting the word out to other fans -- share if you can!
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Liaden Universe(R) InfoDump No. 104

Awards, travel, website story projects, books, audiobooks, Guests of Honor – a busy InfoDump indeed is Number 104


About the Maine Literary Awards:  Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance (MWPA) held the 2014 Maine Literary Award ceremony at the University of Southern Maine's Glickman Familiy Library Thursday, May 29, for books published by Maine authors in 2013. Among the finalists in the Speculative Fiction category was Necessity's Child, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, who attended the ceremony.

A list of all award winners and finalists can be found here:



In July of this year Lee and Miller are set to attend DetCon 1, the upcoming NASFIC in Detroit, Michigan. Both a Friends of Liad breakfast and a Friends of Liad party are among the festivities the authors hope to take part in at the con North American fans throw in years the WorldCon is overseas. The con runs from July 17 through July 20…. come on out!


Come November, Lee & Miller will be Principal Speakers at PhilCon, the oldest SF convention in the world. Principal Speakers are the PhilCon equivalent of Guests of Honor, and past PhilCon GoHs include  Allen Steele, Catherynne M. Valente, Tim Powers, Eric Flint, Connie Willis, and Fritz Leiber.  The con runs November 21-23, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ.  A party and an FoL breakfast are on the long range schedule. Come on out!

For those who travel to other conventions, and who would like to help publicize PhilCon, there is a printable flyer here:


The audiobook edition of Sharon Lee's Carousel Sun, which came out from Baen books on January 14 of this year, is scheduled for release in September 2014. The Carousel Seas audiobook will come out concurrently with the Baen edition …

Liaden Universe Constellation Number Three – Yes, there will be a third collection of Liaden stories, coming in your direction from Baen, RSN. Lee & Miller are (among other projects) prepping the book to turn it in, with story commentary and an intro, by July 15. An exact publication date is not yet set.

Quicksliver – a new Steve Miller book to be written live for the net, chapter by chapter, week by week, just like Fledgling and Saltation – on Lee & Miller's Splinter Universe. The rough draft will be presented weekly (with time out for travel and medical considerations) with the resulting edited ebook being available (a few weeks after the approximately 100,000 word book is completed in draft) to those who donate at least $10. For the moment the known details are here: … watch the skies!

Also at Splinter Universe – we're also posting Guest Stories by other professional authors – look at the guest story list at . Each story has a donate button on the story that goes directly to the author of that story.

Liaden Universe® novels

Here is the *delivery schedule* for the next five Liaden Universe® novels (aka the date that each novel is due in Madame the Editor’s hands):

*September, 2014*: First of Five
*February  2015*: Second of Five
*November  2015*: Third of Five
*August 2016*: Fourth of Five
*May 2017*: Fifth of Five

Blogs and Other Webly Things of Note
Theo_Waitley is the discussion group for readers of Fledgling and Saltation:
Where Dragons Rest:
Steve Miller’s blog, Journeyman:
Sharon Lee’s blog, Eagles over the Kennebec:
Sharon Lee’s “Professional” blog:
Splinter Universe Discussion List:

*Facebook Connections — please feel free to add us!* — Steve Miller — Sharon Lee

Pinbeam Books: an online catalog, with vendor links, to all Lee-and-Miller eChapbooks
Splinter Universe: features outtakes, splinters, and oddities from the Lee&Miller writing career, currently changes irregularly.
Welcome to Liad — The official homepage for Liaden Universe® news —
The Hyperspatial Boardwalk Shop: T-shirts, mugs, more! --

Liaden Interest Groups on Facebook
Clan Korval:
Friends of Liad:
Flaran chamenthi:

Steve’s on Twitter:
Sharon’s on Twitter, too:

Disclaimer Stuff
This InfoDump is a product of the Liaden Universe®, accept no imitations. You have received this message because you asked for it. If you wish to subscribe to the Liaden Universe® email list, to unsubscribe from the Liaden Universe® email list, or to *change* your delivery email address, go here:
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In case you haven't visited our other websites today ...

We've had a busy few days here in the wilds of Maine.  For one thing, after some whirlwind discussion with our editor and agent we're waiting for the contract to come in on Liaden Universe® Constellation Number Three. Yes! But, sorry, no publication date yet.

We've also got word that we can unveil a special, this week only, price on the popular Audible audiobook version of Fledgling. This special price is available to all comers -- that means member or not, you can get Fledgling for just $3.95.  Or, if you join -- you can get it absolutely free. Get one for you and tell your friends!

All this is happening now over  at the special Fledgling sales page at Audible
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So, you say that say that you're not sure NASFIC and Worldcon will be enough this year? Need a burst of fannishness just before Thankgiving? Well then ...

Why not visit PhilCon 2014, based at the Crown Plaza Hotel in  Cherry Hill, NJ, where Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be this year's Principal Speakers. This year's iteration of the world's oldest ongoing SF convention will take place November 21 to 23, 2014 & will feature Lee & Miller along with dozens of other well-known writers, artists, filkers, and fans! Watch for more details, coming soon!
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And ... we have news --

looks like we'll have that Friends of Liad party room for DetCon, most likely on Saturday night. Who wants to come? Who wants to help? We haven't seen the party rules yet so I can't be sure if helping mean carrying bags of ice, watching the doors and checking for badges, or baking brownies, cookies, and bread.  ....

If you can join us, we'd love to see you. Also, we'll probably have a Friends of Liad breakfast in case you can't make the party ...
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As many of you know, we've got a couple of recent books out ... including several collections of our short stories. You may also know Locus as the newspaper of the science fiction field, and they have a bestseller list.

So, this month, (in newsstand time it would be April, 2014) in trade paperback, some dude named Ray Bradbury has the 1 bestselling trade paperback, for some book called Fahrenheit 451. And this dynamic duo named Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have the Number 2 bestselling trade paperback this month -- a collection of short fiction -- Liaden Universe Constellation, Volume 2.

Say hey and tell your friends -- the Liaden short stories *are so* mostly in print again, and apparently a lot of folks are taking advantage. -- You can too. From fine bookstores and online sources ...
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Here's another review of a Lee & Miller Book .. please feel free to share ...and to write your own if you happen to have a blog, a reading group, or a fan group that you work with regularly.

We'll be adding a review link list to several of our other sites - please visit,,, and to keep up with us!
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It is good to be recognized by other writers -- we just hope that some of these mentions will translate into more readers for all concerned ...

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